We take pride in the excellence of our Martial Art instruction, our outstanding facilities,
and the respectful Taekwondo community we’ve created.


Kathy Stevenson

4th Dan Black Belt

  • Practicing Taekwondo since 2001 at Yong In Taekwondo
  • Instructor since 2004
  • Teaching Yong-In's After-School Program at Catlin Gabel since 2014
  • Member of the Exer-Psyche Therapy Group teaching team since 2014




Batu Akkas

3rd Dan Black Belt

  • Practicing Taekwondo since 2011 at Yong In Taekwon
  • Instructor since 2015
  • Teaching Tuesdays & Thursdays @4 & 5; Fridays @4, 5 and 6

As an instructor, I value the quality of service that every student deserves and work to achieve that goal.


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